Lin Chi-ling has hooked up with Ma Tianyu?



Turning 40 this year, Taiwanese model-actress Lin Chi-ling has expressed several times of her wish to find her significant half soon.

Recently, Chi-ling has been filming China’s travel reality programme, Sisters Over Flowers <花樣姐姐> and was rumoured with the 28-year-old Chinese star, Ma Tianyu.

While filming in Turkey, Chi-ling and Tianyu often took selfies together and shared on their Weibo. Besides that, the duo also had intimate interaction and behaved like a couple.

Shooting a water scene, Chi-ling wore a sexy bikini and flaunted her shapely figure. When Chi-ling finished the filming, Tianyu immediately gave his shirt and a hat to Chi-ling to prevent her from catching a cold.

In the new episode, Tianyu also taught Chi-ling how to make hand-made noodles. Oblivious of the presence of the crew members, Tianyu grabbed Chi-ling’s hands from behind and taught her how to make the noodles.

Besides flaunting his photo with Chi-ling, Tianyu also spoke in a latest interview that he did not mind dating an older woman. His words have raised speculations if he is after the 40-year-old Chi-ling.




Source: UDN

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  1. He was caring for all the ladies in the group. Once he gets friendly with someone he hugs and appears to be close with that person. Doesn’t mean he wants her romantically. And if he wants to date an older woman it’s okay. Why it becomes an issue I don’t have any idea.

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