Lin Chi-ling has hooked up with Ma Tianyu?



Turning 40 this year, Taiwanese model-actress Lin Chi-ling has expressed several times of her wish to find her significant half soon.

Recently, Chi-ling has been filming China’s travel reality programme, Sisters Over Flowers <花樣姐姐> and was rumoured with the 28-year-old Chinese star, Ma Tianyu.

While filming in Turkey, Chi-ling and Tianyu often took selfies together and shared on their Weibo. Besides that, the duo also had intimate interaction and behaved like a couple.

Shooting a water scene, Chi-ling wore a sexy bikini and flaunted her shapely figure. When Chi-ling finished the filming, Tianyu immediately gave his shirt and a hat to Chi-ling to prevent her from catching a cold.

In the new episode, Tianyu also taught Chi-ling how to make hand-made noodles. Oblivious of the presence of the crew members, Tianyu grabbed Chi-ling’s hands from behind and taught her how to make the noodles.

Besides flaunting his photo with Chi-ling, Tianyu also spoke in a latest interview that he did not mind dating an older woman. His words have raised speculations if he is after the 40-year-old Chi-ling.




Source: UDN

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