Linda Chung brings daughter to meet up with friends


Recently, Linda Chung flew back to Hong Kong for work and brought her baby girl, Kelly along. During her stay in Hong Kong, she also took chance to meet up with her close friends and let them meet up with baby Kelly.

Tavia Yeung posted a photo of herself with Linda and daughter. She said, “A very warm night. Finally meet up with beautiful mummy Linda and her cute Kelly B. Life is marvellous. We are no longer little girls. The little life is the witness of years. Love you my dearest friend!”


Besides Tavia, Linda also met up with Myolie Wu, and even shared her experience on motherhood. Myolie shared their photo and wrote, “So happy to see you again, pretty mama. Thank you for sharing and teaching me all your knowledge about motherhood. So happy for you and I hope I can ask you more soon.”

Myolie attended an event and shared about her gathering with Linda. When asked if she had asked for tips on motherhood, Myolie said, “I didn’t have to ask and she herself just shared. Being a mother is tough, there are bitter times and happy times. She said she would be my consultant when it’s my time.”

Myolie also said that there is baby plan for her, but she would take it in her stride.

Linda also met up with Steven Ma, who praised baby kelly for her cuteness.




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