Mandy Lieu has given birth, ahead of her boyfriend’s wife


The love triangle of Macau gambling tycoon Alvin Chau, his wife Heidi Chan and his girlfriend Mandy Lieu have been the talk of the town lately. Both women are expecting at the same time.

Heidi reportedly decided to arrange for a cesarean section on her husband’s birthday (30 May), in order not to lose out to Mandy. However, little did she expect that Mandy has beaten her to it, and gave birth to a baby girl last week.

According to Next Magazine, Alvin has arranged for Mandy to give birth at The Portland Hospital in London. On 20 May (‘520’ is homophonic for ‘I Love You’ in Mandarin), Mandy gave birth to her first baby girl through water birth.

After 12 hours, Mandy and her baby were discharged from the hospital. Tabloids have managed to snap photos of Alvin carrying his newborn baby with Mandy outside the hospital.

The next day, Mandy sent Alvin to the airport and was photographed giving him a goodbye kiss.


Mandy’s manager has declined to respond on Mandy’s birth news. However, Heidi who is giving birth in two days’ time, appeared to be affected by the reports.

She wrote, “I never like to fight with others for things. If you like it, take it. Take it, if you are able.”

Tiffany Chen, who is a good friend of Heidi was very surprised to learn about Mandy’s birth. She said, “Her tummy never gets big and she has given birth. Some people have a vicious heart. Whether you are giving birth or not, you chose to give birth around the same time as his wife, and vies for the news. It’s obvious that you are provoking his wife. She has an ulterior motive.”

Tiffany also said, “This third party is too much. She wants to snatch someone’s husband and doesn’t give face to his wife. This is not true love! Because of her action, the man is unable to face his family and his image in the society is damaged. He has become a laughing stock.”

Tiffany also urged Heidi to keep calm, so as not to affect her baby.

Source: HK Channel

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5 thoughts on “Mandy Lieu has given birth, ahead of her boyfriend’s wife

  1. I think for Heidi, there is no way out. File for divorce is the only way out. So damn obvious Alvin is not faithful husband material. Still go ahead and gave birth to a baby and compete with the mistress on this giving birth stuff. Ridiculous.

  2. Not sure what is there to fight over who delivers first!

    Heidi needs to be strong and look at what went wrong with the marriage. Is it worth staying married and if she is to continue, she needs to have very good reasons so that her mental health is not affected.

    Alvin has shown himself to be an unfaithful man. He is definitely at fault. He should have the decency and respect to end his marriage before starting anything new with Mandy. Alvin has a choice but he opt to hurt his family and loved ones.

    Mandy proved to be a selfish person with little morals and considerations for others. Upon knowing her role as a third wheel in a relationship, she should have the integrity of disengaging herself from the relationship. Despite Alvin being a big scum bag, Mandy also has a choice. If Alvin truly loves Mandy, he would divorce the wife and start a new with her in the right manner. The selfishness of Mandy had resulted – in the very least – the wife being embarrassed through no fault of hers, Alvin being the butt of some jokes in the social circle and the innocent children being hurt.

    The bad decision made by both Mandy and Alvin has a domino effect on the people around them. Even Mandy’s and Alvin’s new born baby will be stigmatised for the rest of her life. Who knows, karma might bite back …. and what if (and I certainly hope not) that the innocent baby girl finds herself in Heidi’s shoes one day? Heard of the saying, “karma is a bitch”?

    Finally, there is this thing called co-parenting. Mandy should have left Alvin when she realised that she is the third wheel. She could have co-parent the baby girl with Alvin’s support. Perhaps this is too much to ask from a selfish and inconsiderate person.

  3. Wow. This situation is crazy. I’m sorry but I have very little sympathy for Heidi Chan, because she is trying so desperately to stay with a man who clearly does not care for her anymore. I wouldn’t say Mandy is the most upstanding individual either, but at least she’s upfront. But yeah, the fact that Heidi would push to have her baby early just so it will land on Alvin’s bday is HORRIBLE (for the baby) and pathetic.

    • It is so crystal clear that Alvin does not love Heidi anymore.
      She should not get herself pregnant in the first place. It is no fault of Mandy. For this type of man, today is Mandy, tomorrow may be Cindy or whatever you name it. Heidi is the using the baby to blackmail Alvin in the marriage. So last century woman!

  4. I think the wife and the wife best friend needs to calm down. They are so low to attack Mandy like that just because she gave birth first then her.

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