Michelle Reis’ ex-assistant thanks Leon Lai for saving her life 22 years ago


Recently, there was a woman named Queenie Mok, who claimed to be Michelle Reis’ ex-assistant, called the Hong Kong media to thank Leon Lai for saving her life 22 years ago.

Queenie said that she travelled to Beijing with Michelle and Leon to film a movie 22 years, and one day, she suddenly had a miscarriage. Leon immediately rushed her to a hospital, and even paid for the hospitalisation fees.

Queenie said, “I am very grateful to him. He saved my life. They were filming that day, and I had a miscarriage in the midnight. He immediately arranged with the hotel manager to send me to a hospital. He is a very nice man.”

Queenie also said that her husband was working in Hong Kong at that time, and as his travel permit had expired, he was not able to come to Beijing. Leon went to the extent of helping to resolve her husband’s travel permit, and the next day, her husband was able to visit her in Beijing.

Queenie hoped to thank Leon privately. As she is not able to contact Leon, she hopes that Leon will contact her after reading the report.

After the news surfaced, Leon responded through a spokesperson, “I will remember if I harm someone. I will not remember if I help someone, but I definitely did not harm anyone, because I don’t remember.”

Source: On.cc

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