Nancy Wu injures finger after touching Benjamin Yuen’s chest!


TVB latest drama, A Fist within Four Walls (城寨英雄) has earned rave reviews from the viewers, and seen good results in the ratings.

On its ninth episode on August 9, the drama peaked at 31.3 point, attracting 2.03 million viewers to watch the drama. The ratings averaged at 29.1 point.

There was also a vigorous discussion on the forum over a scene where Ruco Chan and Benjamin Yuen continuously punched Nancy Wu in her chest in a bid to resurrect her.

When spoke about the scene, Nancy said, “I never expect that everyone would have a big reaction from this scene. In order to achieve a realistic effect, we shot this scene for 2 days. They [Ruco and Benjamin] were worried that I would not be able to take it. I told them I would try my best to tolerate [the pain].”


Nancy also said that she was not embarrassed during the filming, as it was for the drama effects. Benjamin said that they had trust with each other, as they had communicated before filming the scene.

In an episode, Nancy who had a crush on Benjamin tried to take advantage of him by touching his chest.

Nancy laughed at the scene and said, “My finger was injured after touching him. I had to go to a hospital for an X-ray. I am most worried if his female fans will hate me. (Are you worried that his girlfriend will get jealous?) I am not worried. His girlfriend is very gracious.”

Benjamin said that his fans would not be jealous but would envy Nancy.

He said, “I am happy to be taken advantage by Nancy. She is not embarrassed, so I am enjoying it!”

Benjamin also hoped that the ratings of the drama would continue to raise and soar as high as 35 to 40 points.





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