Nancy Wu moves on with new love

Has Nancy Wu (胡定欣) moved on with a new love after failing to reconcile with Kenneth Ma (馬國明)?

After dating for more than a year, Nancy and Kenneth reportedly broke up due to Nancy’s ‘princess’ attitude. Nancy allegedly complained that Kenneth prioritised his family and often threw tantrums at him. After breaking up with Kenneth, Nancy allegedly was unable to forget the TVB diamond bachelor.

To mend her relationship with Kenneth, Nancy allegedly requested to perform at the same overseas event as Kenneth. Nancy even made a guest appearance in Kenneth’s drama, trying to change his heart. However, her actions failed to move Kenneth’s heart.

Nancy viewed new boyfriend as marriage partner

Lately, Nancy has found a new love under a friend’s introduction. Nancy’s new boyfriend, Patt Sham (沈栢淳) comes from a well-to-do family and owns an advertising company. Being a romantic boyfriend, Patt will give flowers and branded bags to Nancy.

At Nancy’s 31st birthday, Patt also planned for a memorable birthday party on a yacht, inviting her good friends comprising Myolie Wu (胡杏儿), Mandy Wong (黄智雯) and Paisley Wu (胡蓓蔚). Although dating for only 6 months, 31-year-old Nancy allegedly has locked Patt as her marriage partner and would not risk losing her romance again. Nancy will bring Patt along to attend friends’ gathering and will also flaunt her blissfulness on Weibo.

Nancy extremely sweet to boyfriend

Recently, Nancy and Patt were spotted dating secretly. Wearing a baggy blouse, Nancy reveals her fair shoulders. The couple got on the car after buying takeaways and drove to a carpark. After parking the car, the couple chatted happily and walked out from the carpark to wait for a taxi.

Nancy was chatting sweetly to her new boyfriend when waiting for the taxi. After a while, Nancy was getting impatient, pouting her lips and stretching her neck. When her boyfriend had no reaction, Nancy allegedly lifted up her blouse and revealed her fair belly skin. Nancy’s move managed to attract Patt’s attention. The couple reportedly headed back to Patt’s place after boarding the taxi.

Nancy Wu admits dating

While accepting an interview, Nancy confessed dating the owner of the advertising firm. “We started dating recently in these few months. My new boyfriend is introduced by a friend. Since we have compatible personalities, we started to date. He is in the advertising profession, hence he is considered part of the showbiz. He will understand the nature of my job.”

Nancy further added, “Last month, he accompanied me to spend my first yacht birthday party. I am really happy. Myolie who attended the party was also happy for me.”

How many points will Nancy give her new boyfriend? “I will not score him for now. We are still in the midst of developing our relationship.”

Source: orientaldaily


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