Niki Chow dating a Caucasian man


33-year-old Niki Chow is rumoured to have a new boyfriend lately!

After breaking up with Kevin Cheng, Niki is said to be dating a textile company heir, Eric Cheuk. However, there were rumours that the relationship ended after two years when Niki had been pressing the wealthy heir to get married. While filming TVB drama A Change of Heart <好心作怪>, Niki was romantically rumoured with her co-star, Bosco Wong, but the pair dismissed the rumours.

The actress-singer seems to have a new interest lately as she reportedly has been bringing her new boyfriend to meet her friends. Two nights ago, Niki attended her designer friend, Alan Chan’s birthday party and brought along her new boyfriend. Her new boyfriend reportedly is a Caucasian man and behaved intimately with Niki at the party.

At around 1 am, the couple left the party with friends. In order not to interrupt the couple, Annie Liu quickly hailed a taxi and left, whereas Balia Chan called her driver to pick her up. When Balia’s car arrived, Niki’s boyfriend politely gave her a goodbye kiss.

Niki and her boyfriend reportedly then took a stroll on the street and the couple was indulging in their loving moment with Niki smiling sweetly towards him. Niki’s boyfriend reportedly attempted to hold her hand, but was stopped by her when she spotted a paparazzi. Niki reportedly was shocked and after mumbling a few words to her boyfriend, she immediately hopped on a taxi and left. The Caucasian man then went and hid into a building after Niki boarded a taxi.


Source: orientaldaily 

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