Niki Chow dating China singer?


Rumour has it that Niki Chow is dating mainland singer, Ping An who is a contestant from The Voice of China <中國好聲音>.

Niki and Ping An were introduced by a mutual friend a few months ago when the latter came to Hong Kong. The duo has hooked up quickly and Ping An has been travelling frequently to Hong Kong to meet up with Niki.

Spotted dating at Lamma Island 

Last Saturday, Niki and Ping An were spotted at Lamma Island, Hong Kong with a group of friends. To avoid the crowd, the group only walked into the seafood restaurant around 9.30 pm. As the restaurant did not have any patrons left, Niki let her guard down and let Ping An sat beside her.

During the meal, Ping An was also very attentive towards Niki and helped her to deshell prawns and removed crab meat from the shell. They were also enjoying the finale of Niki’s drama, Sergeant Tabloid <女警愛作戰> while dining. After the dinner, Niki and Ping An increased their alert, and maintained a distance before hopping onto a private yacht. Once the yacht reached the pier, Ping Ann stretched out his hands and held Niki out from the yacht.


Niki rejects ex-boyfriend 

Niki’s ex-boyfriend, Eric Cheuk reportedly has been trying to reconcile with her after he was caught cheating on her. As the 33-year-old actress has just started a new relationship, she allegedly wants to severe all ties with her ex-boyfriend. An insider revealed that Niki had changed her number and even wanted to move to a new place once her rental lease is up.

The insider further revealed that Niki had no lack or suitors. “There are many second generation heir who have been chasing after Niki. However, she is not interested and does not long to marry rich men. Actually, Ping An is not that bad too. His popularity shot up after contesting in The Voice of China. He currently charges RMB 500,000 per show!”

34-year-old Ping An shot to fame after taking part in The Voice of China. Even one of the guest judges, Coco Lee was all praises of him and said during the competition, “Ping An, I will buy your album if you release one.” Although he did not make it into the top 10, he was eventually offered a recording contract.

Source: Next Magazine Vol. 1205

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