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Dee Hsu’s husband seen entering a “private night club”

Dee Hsu and her businessman husband, Mike Hsu have been married for 11 years. Mike was once rumoured with Taiwanese actress Ching Yang and was said to be patronising wild parties frequently. In 2015, Mike was spotted leaving a party with Wang Xiaofei, Jerry Yan and was accompanied by three sexy ladies. Recently, Mike w...

Hugo Wong: I am not involved with a married woman

TVB actor, Hugo Wong was rumoured to be having an affair with married woman, Hiromi Wada. When the reports surfaced, Hiromi immediately disclosed that she was separated from her husband, but denied in a relationship with Hugo. Responding on reports that said that Hiromi had spent the night at his place, Hugo said that ...

Hiromi Wada denies having affair with TVB actor, Hugo Wong

Recently, Japanese-Hong Kong artiste, Hiromi Wada (裕美) was rumoured to be having an affair with TVB actor, Hugo Wong. Hong Kong tabloids reported that Hugo was spotted holding Hiromi’s waist at a supermarket. Hiromi was also said to be spending the night at Hugo’s place. When the reports surfaced, Hiromi sh...

Kenneth Ma rumoured to be dating erotic film actress

Hong Kong tabloids reported that TVB diamond bachelor Kenneth Ma had hooked up with erotic film actress, Connie Man. Kenneth and Connie were filming new drama, The Shell Game <賭城群英會> in Shenzhen, and the latter was said to be actively pursuing Kenneth at the filmset. The duo was said to have hooked up quickly thr...

Bosco Wong and Katy Kung’s “intimate” photos leaked

Bosco Wong is TVB’s diamond bachelor. Earlier, he was said to be dating Japanese model Jun, and then, he was said to be courted by TVB starlets Moon Lau and Cherry Yeung. Recently, Hong Kong tabloids reported that his co-star from Two Steps From Heaven <幕後玩家>, Katy Kung was also interested in him. An inside...

79-year-old Patrick Tse fractures rib in car crash

Hong Kong veteran actor Patrick Tse was involved in a car accident a few days ago. The 79-year-old actor was on his way to film TVB drama, The Shell Game <賭城群英會> in Shenzhen when a truck suddenly cut the lane. His driver pulled the emergency brake, but still hit the truck, and his car was […]

Jay Chou and Show Luo once fell out because of Jolin Tsai?

After several years, Jay Chou and Show Luo finally appeared together on the same stage at the 2016 Hito Music Awards. The duo also had a hilarious dialogue on stage, with Jay poking fun at Show, “So when are you going to be a dad?” Their interaction was interpreted by media as “breaking the ice”...

Rachel Lee breaks up with Calvin Poon for the fourth time

50-year-old Rachel Lee does not have a smooth sailing love life. The 80s sex goddess married musician Clarence Hui in 1996, and has a daughter with him. Unfortunately, their marriage ended in 2000. Nine years ago, Rachel re-met her first boyfriend, lyricist Calvin Poon and patched back with him again. The couple also m...

45-year-old Christy Chung accepts 33-year-old boyfriend’s proposal

Christy Chung, 45 has said “Yes” to 33-year-old boyfriend, Golden Zhang Lun Shuo’s wedding proposal! The Canadian actress was married twice in the past and has 3 daughters from her previous marriages. Just when the public thought that Christy would not believe in love again, she fell in love with dati...