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Ruby Lin’s baby bump spotted for the first time!

Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin’s flash wedding has caused a stir after the couple announced the tie the knot after dating for only 2 months. The public has also speculated if their sudden wedding is due to Ruby’s pregnancy. Apple Daily Taiwan caught wind of Wallace and Ruby’s appearance at a KTV lounge afte...

Kay Tse suspected to be pregnant

In April, Kay Tse held two farewell concerts and announced to halt her singing career for a year. Yesterday, Kay and her husband Louis Cheung were spotted watching a movie at a shopping mall. Although the couple was married for 9 years, they still looked very loving, and walked hand-in-hand. After watching the movie, t...

Rainie Yang refers to Li Ronghao as her family

Rainie Yang and Li Ronghao have a stable relationship after dating for a year plus. On July 11 at midnight, Rainie posted on her Weibo, “Someone in my family is celebrating birthday. Happy birthday!” Although she did not tag any person in her post, fans quickly found out that Ronghao’s 31st birthday h...

Vic Chou spotted with 6-month pregnant Reen Yu

Vic Chou and Reen Yu tied the knot in November last year. Reen’s pregnancy came to light after the couple was spotted visiting a confinement centre. In April, Vic and Reen also admitted to the pregnancy. A few days ago, the couple was spotted in a cafe, and Reen’s baby bump was visibly noticeable. At the [&...

Pregnant? Ruby Lin with baby bump?

Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo shocked everyone when they announced that they would be tying the knot on July 31 despite dating for only 2 months! Rumours are circulating that their flash wedding is because of Ruby’s pregnancy. What fueled the speculations even more is that their managers did not dismiss the pregnancy ...

On bad terms? Selena Li did not post group photo with Sisley Choi

Selena Li and Sisley Choi were rumoured to have fallen out due to screentime in Presumed Accidents <純熟意外>. Earlier, Hong Kong media reported that Selena was unhappy that she was overshadowed by newcomer Sisley, who took the leading role in Presumed Accidents.  A few days ago, the cast gathered for a meal to watch...

Grace Chan shows off birthday gift from Kevin Cheng

On Grace Chan’s 25th birthday yesterday, she was photographed visiting Kevin Cheng’s apartment. After she finished her filming yesterday, she rushed to a salon to style her hair before meeting her boyfriend. Instead of taking a taxi, she took a mini bus to Kevin’s place. At the blessing ceremony of he...

Huang Xiaoming seen showing affection to a sick Angelababy

Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy were invited to a fashion show in Paris recently. Yesterday, the couple was seen at the airport, likely to depart to Paris. However, Angelababy was down with a fever, and netizens took photos of a pale looking Angelababy. Xiaoming was also seen showing affection to his sick wife. At the de...

Alvin Chau travels to London to pacify Mandy Lieu

Alvin Chau has been caught between two women, his wife Heidi Chan and his model girlfriend, Mandy Lieu. Both women gave birth to his daughters in May last year. After he allowed the reporters to take his hand-holding photo with Mandy, Heidi was disappointed in him and initiated a divorce last December. Recently, Mandy ...

Ariel Lin suspected to be pregnant

  Ariel Lin tied the knot with her businessman husband Lin Yuchao in 2014. After marriage, she has been busy with her work, and spends lesser time with her husband who is based in the United States. Two days ago, Ariel was spotted with her father-in-law on the way to dinner. Although she was wearing a […]

Ken Chu and Han Wen Wen spotted registering for marriage at Taipei!

Ken Chu, 37 and Han Wen Wen, 34 have been dating for a year plus. At Wen Wen’s birthday party in April, Ken gave her a surprise wedding proposal. They also registered for marriage at Wen Wen’s hometown Shenyang, followed by taking their wedding photos at Bali. Today, the couple was seen at the Household Reg...

Giddens Ko reconciles with “third party”

Taiwanese renowned writer and director, Giddens Ko (also known as “Jiubadao”) was caught cheating on his girlfriend Xiao Nei, after he was being photographed checking into a motel with news reporter Zhou Tingyu two years ago. After the scandal surfaced, Giddens held a press conference and come clean on his affair. At t...