Paul Wong and Athena Chu to tie the knot

After announcing that they are going to be proud parents soon, 41-year-old sexy goddess, Athena Chu (朱茵) and 48-year-old Paul Wong (黄贯中) from rock band, Beyond are tying the knot soon. For the next few months, it will be joyous moments for Athena and Paul as they are expecting their baby to arrive before Christmas. Athena’s birthday also falls on 25 October.

Athena and Paul had reportedly filed for a notice of intended marriage on 24 August. According to the Hong Kong law, the couple has to register for their marriage within three months of the  notice filing date.

Sharing their happy news on Weibo, Athena wrote in April, “My child, I want to let you know that even if the world collapses, I will still love you. You are the best!”

Paul also wrote shortly after, “I had all along thought that love involves only the two of us. However, we are no longer just two of us. We love you!”

Being a staunch christian for many years, Athena’s pregnancy has surprised everyone. Earlier, Paul admitted that the couple would register for their marriage within three months.

Speaking that it is not appropriate to hold a wedding banquet this year, Paul said, “Every woman wants to look pretty. Let’s wait after Athena regain her figure after she gives birth. It should be around lunar new year.”

Will the wedding banquet be held together with baby’s first month celebration? “This is a good suggestion. It saves the trouble, ” said Paul.


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