Priscilla Wong complains nobody proposes to her; Edwin Siu: “I view her as the one”


Priscilla Wong attended an event recently and was asked if she would tie the knot secretly like her co-star Pakho Chau in Line Walker 2 <使徒行者2>.

Priscilla said, “This is a very surprise thing, but it seems too early for me. Nobody proposes to me.”

Priscilla also said that she had not discussed about marriage with her boyfriend, Edwin Siu. “We are very busy since we started dating. We have not dated for a long time, so we have to understand each other better first. (Did you view him as the significant one?) Wah! You are asking this! Why don’t you all ask him instead?”

Edwin was promoting the drama Two Steps from Heaven <幕後玩家> and was told by the reporter that Priscilla complained that he had not proposed to her.

Edwin laughed and said, “She has not proposed to me too! I am joking! Frankly speaking, we have not talked about marriage yet. Although there are many people getting married recently, we have not thought about it. (Did you grab tightly of this good commodity?) I have, she can’t fly out of my fingers! (You view Priscilla as the one?) I have! But I am worried my mum take the show seriously, and think that Priscilla is a bad girl. Anyway, we are very happy together now.”


Priscilla and Edwin’s shower scene in Two Steps from Heaven has become a talking point. Many netizens also joked that the real life couple has brought their passionate life to television.

Edwin said, “Usually, I lock the door when I bath! I won’t even let anyone in! As for exposing flesh, I think I am the sexiest. Priscilla is also sexy! We did clear the studio before filming. There was a scene in which she was half naked behind the screen, and I really thought she was. We did take all the safety precaution. The scene would not even be shown if she was exposed. The producer arranged a comfortable ambience. We completed the kissing scene by one take.”



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