Raymond Lam forbids girlfriend from visiting him in China


With the H7N9 virus spreading in China, Raymond Lam has forbade his girlfriend, Karena Ng from visiting him at the filming set in Hengdian.

Two nights ago, Raymond was back in Hong Kong to perform at a musical concert held by the Buddha’s Light International Association. Asked if he was taking any preventive measures in view of the H7N9 virus, Raymond said “I will take along my mask and disinfection supplies. I will also be careful about my diet and will take some food to Hengdian.”

Raymond also said that he would avoid taking pork and chicken in China.

As the filming has just started, Raymond will need to stay in Hengdian for another one to two months. Asked if he would forbid his girlfriend from visiting him, Raymond replied, “I asked her not to come. She is also very busy.”

As an attentive girlfriend, Karena has prepared many dry food and instant noodles for Raymond to take along to China.

“Raymond is worried for me, so he has asked me not to visit him at the filmset. He likes to eat so I have to remind him not to consume food from the streets and food like the innards,” said Karena.

Responding to reports that they are getting married within a year, Karena said that they do not have any plans yet.

“We are serious about the relationship, but wedding needs time to plan.”

Does Raymond fit the bill of a husband?

Karena said, “He is very good and is loving to the kids.”

Source: Ming Pao 

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