Raymond Lam sacrifices career for love?


Since declaring his relationship with Karena Ng, Raymond Lam has been flaunting his love publicly. He was spotted vacationing with Karena several times and unlike his past romances, he has no qualms about responding anything related on his girlfriend.

Tabloids claimed that Raymond had placed love over his career. He reportedly has expressed to TVB Executive, Ms Virginia Lok about taking a long break from work after filming mainland drama, Lu Xiaofeng and Hua Manlou <陆小凤与花满楼>.

He also asked for a reduction of workload in his filming and singing career, so that he can have more time with his girlfriend. For the filming schedule in the second half of the year, Raymond’s name reportedly is strike off from the list of TVB dramas.

Currently filming Lu Xiaofeng and Hua Manlou in Hengdian, China, Raymond forbids his girlfriend from visiting him due to the outbreak of H7N9 virus. As such, he often requests 2 days of leave in between his filming schedule to fly back to Hong Kong for Karena.

While in Hengdian, Raymond reportedly would chat or send messages with his girlfriend on the phone after filming each scene. He is said to have no mood for filming and only took a few glances on the script. Hence, it often resulted in many outtakes.


Raymond has also requested for a stand-in to be around during the filming. In addition to the action scenes, he allegedly also instructs the stand-in to film the scenes which do not show a frontal view of him.

A source close to Raymond revealed that Raymond was planning to get married within two years.

The insider said, “Raymond is very serious with Karena this time. He wants to enjoy the dating process and is viewing Karena as his significant half. Raymond had proposed to Karena during their vacation to Okinawa and even bought a pair of rings, but that was more like ‘testing the water’ first. I believe that Raymond will make an official proposal to Karena the next time.”

Source: Next Magazine Vol. 1205

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