Raymond Lam threatens to break up with Karena Ng


Paparazzi recently tailed Karena Ng and claimed that she had spent a night at a male friend’s apartment. Raymond Lam reportedly was so furious upon hearing it that he threatened her with a breakup!

Since declaring their romance, Raymond has been open about professing his love for his young girlfriend and showering her with numerous romantic vacations and branded gifts. While Raymond has been filming in China since March, Karena reportedly had fun partying till the wee hours without her boyfriend.

Last week, Karena immediately changed into her casual clothing after a public event. She then joined her friends, including a magazine editor Jimmy Yu at a Spanish restaurant for a birthday celebration. After the dinner, the group went for a Karaoke session. Along the way, Jimmy kept making Karena laugh continuously and she seemed to enjoy his company.

The Karaoke session ended at 3 am and Karena reportedly went over to Jimmy’s apartment after the party.

Currently at Hengdian, Raymond appeared to be composed when a reporter produced a photo of Karena going over to Jimmy’s apartment. Shoving the pictures aside, Raymond said, “She is helping Jimmy with some work. Please do not anyhow write the reports!”

When told that Karena was out partying whole night, Raymond said, “She will inform me daily of her whereabouts!”

Asked if he knew Karena’s friends, Raymond replied, “I know all her friends!”


Although Raymond appeared to trust Karena, he still could not help but took a glance at the photos. Upon seeing the photos, Raymond’s expression changed. He allegedly was so furious that he threatened Karena with a breakup and demanded that she came over to Hengdian to meet him.

Once the news surfaced, Karena immediately clarified the negative report on her Weibo. She wrote, “I was just having dinner and a Karaoke session with friends, and the reports can come out this way. I really admire the creativity of the tabloids. Actually, I already knew that we were being followed, but I never thought that they will spin such a story out.”

Source: ihktv, Oriental Sunday Vol. 804

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