Raymond Lam’s father disapproves Karena Ng: “This girl is not simple”


Tabloids claimed that Raymond Lam’s father was against his son for splurging millions on Karena Ng.

Since dating, Raymond reportedly has spent HK$80,000 on the rental of a luxurious apartment on Karena, pampering her with various branded bags from Hermes, Prada to Chanel and even took her to many holidays. Raymond is said to have splurged more than HK$10 million on Karena despite dating for only six months.

Last week, Raymond took Karena to his younger brother’s graduation ceremony at the United States. The 19-year-old made use of the chance to please Raymond’s parents. Raymond’s mother was happy with her but it was not the case for his father.

Raymond’s father, Lam Kwok-Wah who is a businessman was used to dealing with flattering and was unmoved by Karena’s flattering words. He reportedly maintained his distance from Karena and even refused to take photograph with Karena when she approached him. Karena allegedly was embarrassed by his refusal and Raymond had to step in to ease the awkwardness.


Mr Lam reportedly disliked that his son had been splurging extravagantly on his young girlfriend. When Raymond was dating Mavis Pan, he only spent HK$10,000 monthly, but he has now spent millions on Karena.

Mr Lam was even heard saying, “This girl is not that simple, but I know my son’s temper so I did not voice out.”

When asked if she got along with Raymond’s parents at United States, Karena said, “They are very nice!”

Responding on reports that she had been spending her boyfriend’s money, Karena said, “I have been working very hard and nobody notices it. I can’t control what others say.”

Source: Sudden Weekly Vol. 930

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