Ruco Chan dismisses rumours that he brought Sisley Choi to his house


Hong Kong tabloids recently reported that Sisley Choi had secretly hooked up with Ruco Chan behind her boyfriend’s back.

Sisley and Ruco have not collaborated before, but they were seen at a garage together. Ruco was also seen driving Sisley’s car back to his house.

Both Ruco and Sisley have dismissed the rumours. Ruco, who is currently in Japan filming Brother’s Keeper II <巨輪II> clarified that Sisley’s car had broken down, and he took her to his friend’s garage. Ruco said that other colleagues also knew about Sisley’s car condition.

When asked how he found Sisley, Ruco said, “She is a very straightforward girl and she is very genuine.”

When asked if Sisley had been to his house, Ruco replied, “She went to my house? Of course not, crazy. It’s not possible.”

Ruco explained that he had left his car at the company, and they only drove Sisley’s car to the garage. As Sisley is not familiar with car, he drove her car back to the company to make sure it was repaired in good condition.

“As there was a traffic jam at Tseung Kwan O, I drove in the road around my house! Please do not think too much!”


Meanwhile, Sisley also dismissed the rumours. “My car was spoiled for a long time. Everyone knew about it. That day, Ruco took me to a garage he knew to repair my car.”

“Ruco is very nice. If it’s not him, I won’t be able to repair my car. (Are you familiar with Ruco?) We have not worked before, but we have the same manager.”

Asked if she would report to her boyfriend, “There is no need to. I am just repairing my car!”

Source: Oriental Sunday,

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