Ruco Chan keeps mum on baby’s gender

Ruco Chan is busy filming his new action drama, Chinatown <唐人街>.

Ruco revealed that besides the action scenes, there are also comical scenes in which he has to dress as a transgender dancer.

He said, “It’s quite sexy and I need to create a ‘career line’!”

Ruco shared that the script this time is 30 percent less than an usual drama, as there are more action scenes. He believes that the viewers will like the effects in the drama.

As Ruco is busy filming for Chinatown, and it may take months before the filming completes, it may clash with his wife Phoebe Sin’s pregnancy due date.

Ruco said that he was not at all anxious about the baby’s arrival, and instead feels excited.

When asked if he would take leave to accompany his wife during labour, Ruco said, “The crew has no problem. We have not decided if we would deliver the baby naturally or get a Cesarean section.”

Asked on the gender of his baby, Ruco remains mum.

“I can’t say yet, but we have decided that the Christian name to start with the letter Q. This is because our names start with P and R. We have not selected on a Chinese name yet.”


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