Rumoured couple, Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan film hot kissing scene


Kevin Cheng, 45 and Grace Chan, 23 were earlier rumoured to be dating, after the latter was seen visiting Kevin’s place. The duo has denied their relationship, and Kevin clarified that Grace had visited his house to borrow the DVDs.

Tabloids also claimed that Casino King Stanley Ho’s son, Arnaldo Ho was also interested in Grace and had tried to pursue her. However, Grace developed feelings with her co-star, Kevin in Blue Veins <殭>.

Last Friday, Kevin and Grace were shooting for a kissing scene and were so engrossed during the filming process. In the scene, Grace glazed passionately at Kevin and then put her hands around his neck, before kissing him. The duo did not have any awkwardness filming the scene and behaved very naturally in front of cameras.

During the break, Kevin was also seen chatting with Grace happily.

Although Kevin and Grace have denied their relationship, the duo has said in previous interviews that age is not a barrier and communication is more important when it comes to dating.

Kevin also urged the media to give him some personal space. He said, “Everything has to start off as friends. We have not even started and my friend is scared away!”

When Grace’s father was asked on the rumoured romance, he said, “No. I believe they are not dating.”




Source: HK Channel

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One thought on “Rumoured couple, Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan film hot kissing scene

  1. Many are hungry for the least bit of ‘romantic’ news re Kevin. For some reason which only Kevin and Charmaine know their relationship just didn’t seem to come off and only after the incident of the unknown woman in the cafe and Kevin did all rumours concerning them stop thus proving there was really nothing between Kevin and Charmaine after all. This time it is a little different, Grace visiting his apartment to borrow a DVD when he could have easily just passed a few to her. Well, this may well be just speculating on our part and though they deny there is nothing between them now there is a slight hint something may come of it if they were to be just left ‘alone’! After the trip to the Netherlands there would be time for things to ‘develop’ and it would be interesting if indeed somethings comes out of it between the two!

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