Shawn Yue and Kary Ng returns from pre-honeymoon



Shawn Yue and Kary Ng finally return to Hong Kong this evening after their vacation in London. The couple did not appear together at the arrival gate and walked out ten minutes apart from one another.

A friendly Shawn walked out from the airport first at about 6.40 pm and allowed the reporters to flash pictures of him. Shawn was all smiles and said, “I am so tired and I just want to return home. I am not taking any interviews.”

Asked about his relationship with Kary, Shawn replied vaguely, “I talked about it on instagram. I do not wish to respond on other matters outside of work. I will not talk about relationship matters.”

When grilled if Kary could be described as his girlfriend, Shawn froze for three seconds and replied, “I do not know. Can you please let me off? (Are you protecting this relationship?) No, I am only tired. I just want to return home. This does not concern me too.”

Shortly after, Kary walked out and did not stop to respond to questions.

“I just return and do not expect that so many reporters will be here. I am so surprise!”

Asked if she was dating Shawn, Kary replied, “We will talk about that later.”

When a reporter asked if Kary had slept in the same room as Shawn, the 26-year-old singer stared hard at the reporter and did not respond.

When probed if it was her company that did not allow her to disclose their romance, Kary replied, “No. I am very tired.”

Source: Apple Daily, Oriental Daily

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