Shawn Yue responds to romantic rumours with 45-year-old Kitty Yuen


This morning, rumours have been circling all over the web that Hong Kong heartthrob actor Shawn Yue is dating 45-year-old radio DJ-actress, Kitty Yuen!

The reports claimed that Shawn Yue and Kitty had openly declared their relationship during a public event. At the event, Shawn praised Kitty for her culinary skills, and even said that she was his dream lover.

Shawn and Kitty’s rumours have sparked a lively discussion on the forum. Some netizens sent their blessings, while others simply did not believe in the rumours.

Shawn finally responded on the rumours, and posted on his Instagram a photo of himself with a shock expression.

He said, “After I woke up this morning, I actually received many messages from friends. Everyone was asking me the same question! My mum even called me and asked! My first reaction was…. I am really not getting younger. Everyone is worried about my love life! Kitty, if I still can’t find my other half in a few years’ time, let us really be together!”



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