Sheren Tang blacklisted by TVB


Since airing, TVB’s Beauty at War <金枝慾孽貳> has suffered terribly low ratings. Recent ratings even broke record of 18 points low ratings and averaged at 20 points.

During interviews, Sheren has expressed her regrets about filming the drama and blamed the production for not giving the script in advance and writing lines which are difficult to understand. Sheren also did not attend the drama’s publicity events. Even if TVB arranged an interview for her, she mainly criticized the drama production and had no good words about it.

Sheren’s attitude reportedly has infuriated TVB, which has been grooming her all the while despite not being a contracted artiste. She was being cast in blockbuster dramas, War and Beauty <金枝欲孽> and  Rosy Business <巾幗梟雄> and even won TV Queen titles twice. After she lashed out on the Beauty at War production, TVB reportedly decided to blacklist her. She is also ousted from Eric Tsang’s blockbuster drama, Aerobic Girls.

Yesterday, TVB’s General Manager Mark Lee responded that Sheren’s harsh remarks had affected the whole production team.

“TVB has always seen Sheren important. Sheren has achieved success at TVB, but now that the drama is not doing well, she thinks that we are not doing a good job. Her remarks have also affected the morale of the team! Some colleagues have feedback to me that Sheren’s remarks have made them uncomfortable,” said Mr Lee.

“TVB places a lot of emphasis on team spirit and cares about our colleagues’ feelings. If this is so, I think it’s better that we do not collaborate temporary!”

Asked if Sheren was omitted from the new drama, Mr Lee said, “You can say so.”

Meanwhile, Sheren appears to be unaffected by the blacklist. When asked about Beauty at War ratings at a Shanghai event, Sheren replied, “The drama is still airing. I still have confidence.”

Upon returning to Hong Kong, she also attended her good friend, Wyman Wong’s birthday party in good spirits.


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