Shocking confession by Anthony Neely: I am married and have a 3-year-old daughter


Anthony Neely made a shocking confession that he was married in 2010 and his daughter was born in 2011.

In a video message posted on his Facebook, Anthony revealed that because of his love for family, he did not want his wife and his daughter to be under the media attention, and so hid this marriage for four years.

“I love my wife, so I do not want her to suffer anymore. I love my daughter, and no longer wish to explain to her why I can’t take her to a park and play.”

Anthony also said in teary eyes, “To my beautiful wife, I love you. You have been suffering all these years. I want you to be happy. To my baby girl, happy birthday.  You are free to be and do anything you want, and I will support and love you forever.”

Anthony gained immerse popularity after participating in popular singing competition, One Million Star <超級星光大道> as a PK challenger in 2009. After joining the showbiz, Anthony was rumoured that he had tied the knot with a nurse in the States, which he then denied and said the reports was “exaggerating”.

Last year, he admitted that he had been dating his “girlfriend”, Vivi for four years. Just last month, he was seen shopping with Vivi on the streets. He denied repeatedly that he was married, but said that he saw Vivi as his significant half.


The 28-year-old Mandopop singer also seeks support from his fans. He said, “I believe some of you will be affected. I hope that through this video message, you can see through my eyes and understand that I do not have any ill intention.”

“I love all of you, and I hope that you can give our family your blessings and private space. Thank you.”

Anthony’s agency denied that his confession was a publicity act. His manager said, “He is not releasing any new album or film at the moment. His daughter has grown up and keeps asking why they can’t go out together. He initially does not want his family to be thrust under the spotlight, but he felt that his daughter was affected. It’s a good timing to disclose his marital status on his child’s 3rd birthday.”

Coincidentally. Wu Chun who shares the same recording label as Anthony, also hides his marriage for four years. Wu Chun only admited that he was married and had a daughter last year.  

HIM International Music denied forbidding its artistes to get married, citing examples that S.H.E’s Selina and Ella’s weddings were organised by the company. The agency also stressed that it only knew about Anthony’s marital status two days ago, and it will support his decision to open up on his marriage.


Source: Apple Daily 

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