Show Luo hugs his dream girl


Show Luo held his third gig at the Hong Kong two nights ago. His first two shows invited Jimmy Lin and Alex To as the guest performers. For his third show, Show invited his dream girl in his teenage days – Vivian Chow!

Vivian was every man’s dream girl in the 90s. Having a long silky hair, a pair of big eyes and a gentle disposition, Vivian was the perfect lover of every man. During his teenage days, Show’s bedroom was pasted with Vivian’s posters all over the wall! He never dreams that he can perform with his goddess one day.

At the concert, Show did not waste the opportunity to declare love for his dream girl. He immediately gave Vivian a stalk of rose and said, “I like her since I was in form three. I even fantasied that Vivian could be my girlfriend one day!”

The 45-year-old Vivian graciously asked Show, “Do you want a hug”

Show was so overwhelmed that he comically wiped off the sweat on his body then hugged his dream girl! After the hug, Show pretended that his legs were wobbly and sat on the floor. This certainly caused his dream girl to burst into laughter.


Source: orientaldaily, appledaily

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