Show Luo Plays Pranks in Pajamas

A few days ago, Show Luo (罗志祥) had a pajamas party with his international fan club members. As his fan club celebrated its fifth year anniversary, Show delighted his fans with a leopard printed two-piece sleepwear and a shocking pink hello kitty bedroom slippers!

Asked about what kind of sleepwear he preferred his future girlfriend to wear, Show answered humourously, “It doesn’t matter what she wear. I won’t know what she becomes after sleeping!”

Cultivating a habit of wearing pajamas, Show revealed that he had a collection of various pajamas and even included sexy spaghetti strapped nightwear.

Show played pranks while wearing pajamas

Clad in a tight knitted pajamas and wearing a wig and hairband, Show and his friends had played pranks on shop assistants before. Recounting his mischief, Show said that his friend had asked the shop assistant if she had seen Show Luo. Show then entered into the shop and asked, “Anyone looking for me?” The shop assistant was in shock and could not believe her eyes.

Not thinking of calling off for a day, Show continued to play prank and entered into another shop and asked, “Where is my life size standee?”

As Show was beyond recognition in his wig and pajamas wear, the shop owner asked, “Who are you?”

Show firmly replied, “I am Show Luo!”

The shop assistant finally recognised him. Instead of the shop assistant requesting to take photo with Show, it was the other way round when Show kept on pressing her to take picture with his life size standee.

Kicks off Japan concert this month

Feeling nervous, Show will be holding his concert in Tokyo in 29-30 August 2012. He is highly stressed out over the concert as he needs to converse in Japanese throughout the show!


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