Show Luo pockets NT$150 million


Since starring in Stephen Chow’s Journey to the West <西遊:降魔篇>, Show Luo has received many lucrative endorsements deals.

The blockbuster movie has raked in RMB $1.21 billion in the China’s box office sales. Despite being a guest star in the movie, Show’s ‘Empty Prince’ role is a hit among the viewers and resulted in a jump in his endorsement fee.

The comedic role has increased his endorsement fee from RMB $6 million to RMB $7 million; a huge jump of RMB $1 million!

In the first three months of 2013, Show has accepted six endorsements deals in all. Plus his income from his worldwide concerts, the Asian Dancing King has absorbed an estimation of NT$150 million!

In order to accommodate to Show’s schedule, a Chinese advertiser has even changed the filming location to Taiwan for his convenience.

Source: Apple Daily 

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