Show Luo’s exit from STAGE due to dispute?

Show Luo’s sudden exit from his co-owned fashion label, STAGE has shocked his fans.

On February 18, Show wrote on his social media, “Due to differences in future plans, I will be exiting from STAGE from today onwards. I will be handling it to my buddy, co-founder Zhang Zi Wen, and managing director Chen Yu Hui. Hope all friends will continue to support STAGE.”

Although Show did not leave any negative remarks in his departure statement, fans were quick to speculate that his exit could be due to dispute.

Just five days ago, Show left an ambiguous message on his Instagram, saying, “As a man, do not push too far.”

Subsequently, his manager also wrote, “The greedy person will have retribution one day.”

Show also changed his Instagram account name from “Showlostage” to “Showlo”.

Media also reported that since last year, Show did not wear his fashion label while attending public events.

On the other hand, STAGE issued an official statement, thanking Show for his contributions and said that as the brand was facing transformation, Show’s task had completed.

The official statement said, “We are honoured to have Show Luo’s assistance in the company’s operations. Although he did not directly participate in the company’s operations, he has promoted STAGE clothing and accessories from scratch to where it is today.”

Show’s fans have since blasted STAGE for downplaying Show’s contributions and expressed that they would not support the fashion label anymore.

Show’s manager has also confirmed that he would be withdrawing from STAGE and would be launching a new fashion label, “Gotnofears”.

Yesterday, Show posted a picture of himself in his new hairstyle and said, “Just cut my hair, and cut away my troubles. Will start afresh.”

Source: Ettoday, AppleDaily

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