Sisley Choi’s educational level questioned


According to Hong Kong reports, TVB starlet Sisley Choi completed her degree within an amazingly speed of two months when she took part in the Ms Hong Kong pageant in 2013.

Reports said that Sisley enrolled a degree programme from Bulacan State University, Philippines through the Lifelong College in Hong Kong in 2010. Although the papers stated that she enrolled in 2010, but she was studying in Germany at that time.

In June 2013, Sisley returned to Hong Kong to join the Ms Hong Kong pageant. She reportedly had not finished her studies in Germany then.

In October 2013, she studied the Bachelor of Business Administration, and completed the programme in November. She received her degree certificate in December. The application documents reflected that Sisley enrolled the BBA in February 2010, but the programme records stated that Sisley was enrolled in March 2010, and she completed her 19 subjects in November 2013.

As she was said to be studying in Germany in 2010, her educational level is being questioned.

When asked on the rumours on her education, Sisley declined to respond and said many times that she needed to understand the situation first.

TVB Deputy Director of Corporate Communications, Tsang Sing Ming met the press and responded on the issue. He said, “We have reviewed the educational documents submitted by Sisley when she took part in the Ms Hong Kong pageant in 2013.  She completed her year 1 in an university in Germany. When she was promoted to her year 2, she returned to Hong Kong. The documents she submitted were matching and there was no discrepancy. She was a student at that time, and her educational papers were accurate. Regarding other educational issue, we will not respond.”

When asked if TVB would pursue the issue, Tsang said that they would meet up with Sisley to understand the matter.

Asked if they would take any disciplinary act should there be any discrepancy, Tsang said, “I won’t comment until we get a full picture. She was (the 1st runner up) in 2013, and fulfilled the mission of that year. There won’t be any changes currently.”

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