So cute! Chow Yun-fat horse dance with Psy!


60-year-old Hong Kong star, Chow Yun-fat was invited as a presenter at the 2015 MAMA award last night.

After presenting the award to Big Bang, Fat Gor initiated to take a wefie with the Big Bang members on stage.

When Psy performed at the end of the show, Fat Gor stood up and clapped along the way. During the Gangnam Style dance track, Fat Gor even danced along with the music.

Psy also invited Fat Gor to horse dance with him, and the movie star sportingly accepted and even comically pitted his dancing skills with Psy! The audience went wild and screamed for Fat Gor and Psy!






Watch Chow Yun-fat horse dancing with Psy 


Source: Ettoday, Video source from YouTube

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One thought on “So cute! Chow Yun-fat horse dance with Psy!

  1. You Chow Yun Fat and Anthony, please STOP it with the evil Yellow Umbrella movement -you and Anthony are mean towards your own Chinese culture even though you did not grow up overseas which is not an excuse either! Chow Yun Fat and Anthony are a total turnoff and you are not cute, you are not so cute at all as a man. That horse dance seems a bit cute but NOT so cute, looks ugly, but you Chow Yun Fat are bad and not cute. The students in Hong Kong were doing violent protests and initiating violence against the police. As a young person, I Yingtai Tong look much cuter and more beautiful. As a Chinese Asian girl, I have good values and better cultural values vs. the Yellow Umbrella students and adults of different ages, screaming and hitting and throwing heavy objects (with bad conduct and behaviour) in Hong Kong. Also, the police have been more than lenient in Hong Kong. This other country of China is a good country with a rich history and this form of communism is often great and is not a bad thing.

    Chow Yun Fat, the way you wrongfully impose western thoughts of democracy is not appropriate for Hong Kong which already enjoys so many rights and freedoms. You are wrong that a democracy is (no) more important than other countries which have their own forms of government. The students outside in Hong Kong who have been acting whitewashed in a bad way. Please STOP throwing money around to show off and to manipulate charities to wrongfully support the bad Yellow Umbrella movement.

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