Stefan Wong and Peggy’s stylish wedding


Last year, Stefan Wong and his wife, Peggy had a romantic wedding at a vineyard in France. Yesterday, the couple tied the knot in a stylish fashion in Hong Kong.

Stefan and his funny brothers 

In the morning, Stefan and his group of ‘brothers’, comprising Edwin Siu, Benjamin Yuen, Vincent Wong etc., went over to the bride’s house to pick her up. Of course, it is no easy task ‘collecting’ the bride as the groom and his brothers would have to go through a series of ordeals, specified by the bride’s ‘sisters’.

Dressed in a Chinese traditional costume, Stefan was first tasked to sing a love ballad to his beloved wife. Next, his brothers would have to dress in a bikini printed T-shirt and wore their underwear outside. The group of men certainly looked comical in their new outfits! Stefan was then required to use a lipstick and wrote ‘I love you, Peggy’ on the underwear of his brothers.

Asked how much was his ‘opening door red packet’, Stefan replied, “I spent 169,000 worth of Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Malaysian currencies! I think it should add up to HK$6,900!”





Stefan’s motorbikes parade!

Instead of choosing a conventional car, Stefan picked up his bride in a cool motorbike. He and his troupe of brothers made a parade on the road with a line-up of 4 three-wheeled motorbikes and 5 regular motorbikes. 9 motorbikes were selected as the auspicious number 9 signifies everlasting love in Chinese.

The couple took some special photos along the way before heading to the hotel for their banquet in the evening.




Stefan gave his wife 100 marks 

In the evening, the couple hosted a 35-table wedding banquet at the Intercontinental Hong Kong Hotel. During the cake cutting ceremony, the lovely couple was extremely joyous and kissed four times in a row.

While giving an interview to the press, Stefan had nothing but praises for his wife. He said, “My wife is worth 100 marks in my heart. She is very good to me. She gives me face in front of others, and reminds me many things in private. Hence, I will let her be the mistress at home!”

Asked if he would try to “make” a baby after the wedding, he smiled and said, “I wish but it’s better to wait after the honeymoon.”

The couple will proceed to a small island in France and Hawaii for their honeymoon.



Source: Apple Daily, Oriental Daily 

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