Stefanie Sun has no plans for second baby


Yesterday, Stefanie Sun who gave birth to her first baby boy on 30 October last year, attended Abbott’s press conference. Stefanie was introduced as the brand ambassador for the Similac-Gain baby formula products.

The Singaporean singer has regained her figure and now weighs at 47 kg. Although it is still 4 kg away from her 43 kg before pregnancy, Stephanie is quite certain that she will shed off 4 kg soon.

“Weight is the last thing on my mind. I am chasing my son everyday so I think I can shed off the 4 kg,” said Stefanie.

When talked about her baby boy, Stefanie was all smile and said, “He should be robust! He is eating very happily.”

Being a first time mum, Stefanie was initially at loss and not knowing what to do with her baby. However, she praised that her baby boy was very well-behaved. “He can sleep from 7 pm to 7 am!”

Asked if a second baby would be on the way, Stefanie said, “I am really very tired. At this point, I do not have any plan for a second baby unless I am addicted with looking after kids.”

Stefanie also gave her husband, Nadim Van Der Ros 80 marks for being a first time dad. Her doting husband will help her with the diapers changing and feeding of the baby.

Stefanie’s new album is in the process of collecting new songs. She is expected to hold her concert in January next year.

Source: Apple Daily

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