A-Mei’s longest relationship: Dates bartender boyfriend for 5 years

A-Mei has had her fair share of romances. She used to date her former manager Brian Chow and basketball player Sam Ho, all lasting for 3 years. The 44-year-old Taiwanese pop singer is in a stable relationship with her bartender boyfriend, Sam and have been dating for 5 years. This is also A-Mei’s longest relation...

Jay Chou and A-Mei collaborate in new song

Jay Chou will be releasing his new album, Bedtime Stories <周杰倫的床邊故事> on June 24. His new duet, Shouldn’t Be <不該> with A-Mei is widely anticipated by many fans. The MV was supposed to be released only on June 17, but as the song has already been leaked on the web, JVR Music decided to released the song...

A-Mei falls on stage at Jody Chiang’s concert

Yesterday, A-Mei fell on the stage right in front of thousands of audience at Jody Chiang’s concert. The 43-year-old aboriginal Taiwanese pop singer was invited as a guest singer at Jody’s concert. During a performance of a fast track, A-Mei slipped and landed on her bum as she was wearing an 8-inch high he...

Stefanie Sun celebrates hubby’s birthday at A-Mei’s concert

Singaporean singer-songwriter Stefanie Sun was invited as a guest performer at A-Mei’s Utopia World Tour final concert in Taipei last night. While A-Mei was singing her hit track, Brave <勇敢>, the audience went wild when Stefanie was raised up on stage. The duo then sang Stefanie’s song, I Miss <我懷念...

A-Mei and Jolin Tsai collaborate for the first time

A-Mei’s is holding a series of 10 shows for her Utopia World Tour at the Taipei Arena. Yesterday, A-Mei invited Jolin Tsai as her special guest performer. This is also the first time which the two divas collaborated on the stage. A-Mei first sang Jolin’s popular hit, I know you are very sad <我知道你很難過>....

Find out why Dee Hsu curses at A-Mei’s concert

A-Mei held her Utopia World Tour concert at the Taipei Arena recently. During one of the concerts, Dee Hsu who is well-known for her sharp tongue attended the concert with her daughter. Knowing that Dee is often spontaneous, A-Mei who spotted her at one of the cameras joked on the stage, “Neighbour, beware and ma...

A-Mei is getting married soon?

Rumours are circling that Taiwanese singer A-Mei will be tying the knot with her boyfriend of three years, Sam! A-Mei will be holding a series of 10 concerts at the The Taipei Arena from 4 April next year. As she revealed that it would be her last concert tour, fans have been speculating if she has […]

Dee Hsu gropes A-Mei on stage

A-Mei, Sandy Lam, Na Ying and Tanya Chua held a charity concert, Project WAO  at the Taipei Arena on Sunday night. The concert was to raise funds to help young girls who have suffered from abuse. Other guest performers included Jolin Tsai, Dee Hsu, Lin Chi-ling, Faith Young and Matilda Tao. The highlight of the concert...

Boyfriend allegedly swears and shouts at A-Mei

41-year-old A-Mei and her 35-year-old bartender boyfriend, Sam Yao is in a stable relationship for three years. Since dating the Taiwanese singer, Sam has seen a transformation in his life. He reportedly is now living in a NT$300 million luxurious property, and driving a NT$5 million Porsche car, all said to be provide...

A-Mei slims down drastically

All eyes were all A-Mei at the press conference of The Voice of China <中國好聲音> yesterday. Last month, A-Mei became the subject of mockery when she showed up with a swollen figure at an event. However, she was thrust in the spotlight yesterday when she wowed everyone with her drastic weight loss. Dressed in a [&hel...

A-Mei on weight gain mockery: “What have I done wrong?”

Since appearing at the final of The Voice of China, there have been a string of criticisms and mockery on A-Mei’s rounder figure. The endless negative remarks have caused distress to the 40-year-old aboriginal Taiwanese singer and prompted her to ask herself what she had done wrong. Two nights ago, A-Mei returned...

A-Mei mocked again for rounder figure

Since last year, A-Mei’s dramatic weight gain has been a hot talking point. Standing at 158 cm tall, A-Mei used to weigh at 48 kg. However, her day and night have reversed since managing her night clubs in the wee hours. Her metabolism has also slowed down at the age of 40 and all these […]