Barbie Hsu fainted and suffered from epilepsy during labour

Barbie Hsu gave birth to her second child on Saturday, May 14. Rumours circulated that she was given excessive dose of anesthetic to reduce her labour pain, and triggered her epilepsy. She was admitted into the intensive care unit. When the news surfaced, many fans were worried about Barbie’s condition. Barbie...

Baby gives thumbs up to Barbie Hsu

Barbie Hsu gave birth to her first baby in 2014. Last year, she conceived again and it is going to be a boy this time. Today, Barbie shared her baby ultrasound photo with fans, and her baby even gave her a thumbs up! Barbie and Wang Xiaofei tied the knot in 2010, and held their wedding […]

F4 and Barbie Hsu send blessings to Vic Chou

Yesterday, Vic Chou announced his marriage with his girlfriend of 4 years, Reen Yu.  Vic and Reen’s sudden announcement took many by surprise. Even their managers did not know about their marriage beforehand. Ariel Lin, who collaborated with Vic recently in Go Lala Go <追婚日記> met him 2 weeks ago, and she did...

Barbie Hsu expecting second child!

Rumours have been circling that Barbie Hsu is pregnant again. Yesterday, Barbie and her husband Wang Xiaofei with their 1-year-old daughter attended the birthday celebration of Barbie’s grandmother. At the banquet, she was seen wearing loose clothing and a pair of flat shoes. She also left the dinner earlier, and...

Barbie Hsu wants to get married to Wang Xiaofei on their fourth date

Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiaofei tied the knot in 2011, and currently have a lovely daughter, Yue Er. Since her daughter is born, family remains her priority. In her new book The lady arrives <老娘駕到>, Barbie discusses about her pregnancy and motherhood. Once a workaholic, Barbie revealed in her book that work and takin...

Barbie Hsu’s touching statement to her daughter

Barbie Hsu married to businessman Wang Xiaofei in 2011, and gave birth to their first daughter Yue Er last year. Since marriage, Barbie has been placing her priority on her family and sharing snippets of her marriage life with fans on Weibo. As mother’s day is approaching, Barbie also posted a photo of herself wi...

Dee Hsu injured in a cycling accident

Dee Hsu has sustained injuries after being hurt in a cycling accident. The Taiwanese host revealed in her Facebook that her bicycle lost control while she was riding down a slope during a cycling trip with her husband Mike Hsu and a group of friends. “My whole body flew out with my face landed on the ground. We [...

Barbie Hsu clarifies Dee Hsu’s domestic violence rumours

Taiwanese host, Dee Hsu was suspected to be a victim of domestic violence after she had bruise at the corner of her left eye. Five years ago, there was also rumour circling that Dee was hit by her husband, Mike Hsu. All these have fueled speculations that she might have been abused. Yesterday, Barbie Hsu and […]...

Jerry Yan desires to get married

During his promotion of his latest film Lupin III in Japan recently, Jerry Yan shockingly disclosed, “I’m getting married!” It turns out that Jerry is just expressing his desire to start a family. The 37-year-old Taiwanese star shared that he did have the desire to get married after seeing his good fr...

Barbie Hsu gains weight after giving birth

Barbie Hsu and Wang Xiaofei held a 100th day celebration for their baby girl recently in Beijing, and invited over 100 guests to the event. Barbie, who gave birth on 24 April, appeared rounder and unable to shed the extra weight she put on during pregnancy. Standing at 163 cm tall, Barbie weighed more than 60 […...

Barbie Hsu shares cute baby photos

Barbie Hsu gave birth to a baby girl via cesarean section on 24 April afternoon. Her baby is healthy and weighs more than 3,000 grams. Barbie shared the joyous news with her fans via her Weibo and uploaded a picture of her baby’s footprints photos yesterday.  This morning, she shared a family portrait with her [&...

Barbie Hsu gives birth to baby girl!

Barbie Hsu gave birth to a healthy baby girl this afternoon (24 April), as she and her husband, Wang Xiaofei welcomed their first baby. The 37-year-old actress announced the joyous news to her fans this afternoon on her Weibo. “Have finally given birth! The baby girl is very safe and sound. I am grateful!” ...

Barbie Hsu due to give birth in end April

Barbie Hsu and her husband, Wang Xiaofei will be welcoming their first baby soon. The 37-year-old Barbie is due to give birth in end April. Earlier, Dee Hsu revealed that her sister, Barbie is expecting a big baby as she has a big tummy. Barbie is also looking forward to the arrival of her baby. […]