Coffee Lam denies having sex in public restroom

Coffee Lam was fired by TVB after her restroom sex scandal with Will Lam, the heir of High Fashion International Limited hit the headlines. During a recent interview, Coffee clarified the scandal and at times, even broke down in tears. Coffee stressed that she did not make use of the scandal to create publicity for her...

Coffee Lam makes headlines again with scandalous photos

  After the restroom sex scandal, Coffee Lam is in hot soup again with scandalous photos on her and her ex-boyfriend. A series of kissing photos of her and Joey Law have been circulating on the web and some of which are smooching photos taken on bed. The TVB actress has no lack of scandals. Possessing […]

TVB actress in sex scandal to face dismissal

TVB actress, Coffee Lam made the headlines after she was caught in the act with her boyfriend in a public restroom. As her improper conduct has affected the image of TVB, she is likely to be fired over her sex scandal. TVB senior executive, Virginia Lok expressed that they would be meeting Coffee to hear […]

TVB actress caught in indecent act for 30 mins in public restroom!

TVB actress Coffee Lam was caught in the act with Will Lam, the heir of High Fashion International Limited in a public restroom! Possessive a 34D figure, Coffee is best known for portraying Kenneth Ma’s voluptuous girlfriend in Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄2>. According to East Week magazine, Coffee was initially ...