Etta Ng has patched things back with her mum

Elaine Ng and her daughter, Etta Ng had a tense relationship for the past few months. Earlier, Etta filed a police report on Elaine for alleged child abuse as she was concerned about her mum’s drinking problem. After the mother and daughter reconciled, they had a heated argument shortly after, and Etta even refus...

Etta Ng refuses to go home again after a heated quarrel with mum

Etta Ng has sought help from school again after a heated argument with her mother, Elaine Ng. Elaine was also informed by the school that Etta had refused to go home. Last night, Elaine went down to the school and hoped to see Etta. However, the school refused to let her meet Etta and instead arranged a […]

Etta Ng begs mum to let her meet her dad, Jackie Chan

Last month, Elaine Ng was arrested for alleged child abuse after her daughter, Etta Ng reported the case to the police. After being discharged from hospital, Etta refused to move back home as she did not know how to face her mother. Etta then moved in with her godmother. Two weeks ago, Etta finally moved back home and ...