Hebe Tien and Ella Chen encourages Selina Jen

Selina Jen made her first public appearance yesterday after she announced divorce with lawyer, Richard Chang on March 4.  At the press conference. Selina broke down in tears and admitted that she was still feeling emotional although she was psychologically prepared. Selina also revealed that her bandmates, Hebe Tien an...

Hebe Tien on her sexual orientation: Does it matter?

Hebe Tien celebrated her 32nd birthday with her S.H.E. bandmates, Selina Jen and Ella Chen two days ago. The group had booked a Japanese restaurant for the birthday party. Selina arrived first at the venue with her husband, Richard Chang. After 30 minutes, Hebe was spotted entering the restaurant and Ella and her husba...

Show Luo and Rainie Yang win Most Popular Singer Awards

Show Luo and Rainie Yang win big at the 2014 HITO Radio Music Awards at the Taipei Arena on Sunday, bagging a total of three awards each. Wearing a low-cut sexy dress that reveals her cleavage, Rainie bags the Most Popular Female Singer award. Turning 30 soon, Rainie joked about her revealing dress, “It’s s...

JJ Lin and Hebe Tien have fallen out?

Rumour has it that Hebe Tien and her recording company, HIM International Music are unhappy with JJ Lin’s recent love declaration to her at his concert. For the past ten years, JJ has expressed several times that he had a crush on the S.H.E member. HIM International Music reportedly thinks that it is merely a [&h...
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JJ Lin and Hebe Tien have no progress

  JJ Lin swept four awards at the Metro Radio Mandarin Music Awards two nights ago in Hong Kong. When asked if he would share the good news with his goddess, Hebe Tien, JJ said, “No. I have to thank my fans. It’s not because of me that Hebe is not here today. She has […]

JJ Lin professes love for Hebe

JJ Lin has finally plucked up his courage to profess his love for Hebe Tien! At JJ’s Taipei concert two days ago, Jolin Tsai played the role of cupid after knowing that Hebe whom JJ had a crush on was present in the audience. Jolin said to Hebe, “He is really a great guy. Are […]

Selina overcomes fear for explosive sounds

S.H.E kicked off their world tour concerts at Taipei Arena on Saturday and Sunday. This is the first time in three years that the girls held a concert after Selina sustained injuries from an explosive accident on the filming set. Selina clearly could not contain her emotions during her performance. She thanked her fans...

JJ Lin blushes upon hearing Hebe’s name

JJ Lin has expressed numerous times that he had admired Hebe Tien and fans are rooting for them to be an item. However, the Singaporean singer could still be shy about pursuing his goddess. JJ will be holding his concert, Timeline <時線> at the Tapei Arena on 13-14 July 2013. His guest performers are not confirmed ...

Fans rally JJ and Hebe to be together

Since starting out his singing career, JJ Lin has declared openly that he has a crush on Hebe Tien. At a media conference, the Singaporean singer expressed that he dared not pursue Hebe and pleaded Ella Chen for help. On 30 March 2013 midnight, JJ sent his birthday greetings to Hebe who turned 30. His […]

Oops! Sanitary napkin found in Selina’s passport

After returning from S.H.E’s new year show recording in China, Selina Jen was embarrassed thoroughly when her “private belonging” was discovered by the immigration officer. At the airport immigration clearance, Selina produced her passport to the immigration officer. Little did she expect that the imm...
Ella and Selena not ready for kids yet

Ella and Selina not ready for kids yet

Last week, S.H.E held their first autograph session for new album The flowers bloom again at Taipei. The meet-the-fans session had overwhelming response and nearly a thousand fans came to support their idols. Although it has been 2 years since S.H.E launched their album, their popularity has not diminished. Their new a...

Selina Jen blasted for birthday message to Ham Yu

Yesterday, S.H.E held a media launch of their new album The flowers bloom again . This is also the group’s first album after Selena Jen’s horrific fire accident two years ago. Earlier, Selina cried when she shared that everyone had gave her a nickname ‘Flaming Phoenix’ after the incident. At the...

Hebe’s bodyguard kicked fan’s face

A welcome for his idol turned bloody for a fan two days ago. Arriving in Shanghai, S.H.E member Hebe Tien (田馥甄), was to perform for a concert with Jay Chou (周杰伦) and Wilber Pan (潘玮柏). According to an eye witness, Hebe’s bodyguard pushed away a fan who had got too close to the singer and […]...

Hebe Tien laughs at romantic rumours with former female assistant

After S.H.E members, Selina Jen and Ella Chen have gotten married, Hebe Tien is the only member who is still single. Although romantically rumoured with Jay Chou (周杰倫) before, Hebe has been speculated to have a love interest on women. Tabloids claimed that after breaking up with A-mei’s (张惠妹) female executive pro...