Grace Chan denies breakup with Kevin Cheng

Hong Kong media claimed that Grace Chan had broken up with Kevin Cheng, and even hooked up with a Singaporean stylist, Martin. Grace just returned to Hong Kong from Singapore, and she was said to have met up with her new love interest, Martin. Martin has also uploaded several photos with Grace on his Instagram. [&helli...

2017 TVB Calendar: Kevin Cheng and Bosco Wong leaving or not leaving?

To commemorate its 50th anniversary, TVB released its 2017 artiste calendar, to let the fans have a glimpse of its new productions next year. In the 2017 calendar, fans are surprised to see Ali Lee having the most exposure as she appears in three drama posters! Nancy Wu, Moses Chan, Louis Cheung, Kristal Tin, Priscilla...

Kevin Cheng, Grace Chan rumoured to be living together

Unfazed by their 22 years’ age gap, Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan have been loving more and more high-profile these days. Besides attending public functions together, the couple was also said to be living together. In order to spend more time with her boyfriend, Grace who is a Christian was said to have moved into K...

Grace Chan’s face changed when asked about boyfriend leaving TVB

A few days ago, Grace Chan was in TVB city filming her new drama, Wulin Revival <翻生武林>. Recently, there were rumours circling that her boyfriend, Kevin Cheng would be leaving TVB soon. The man himself has also revealed that his new drama, Mystery <迷> would be the last one in TVB. When reporters approached G...

Kevin Cheng discloses he will be leaving TVB

Being with TVB for more than 10 years, Kevin Cheng has disclosed that he will be leaving TVB! Kevin signed an artiste management contract with TVB in 2001. In 2006, he won the TV King award for his performance in Under The Canopy of Love <天幕下的恋人> and in 2011, he won his second TV King award […]...

Grace Chan shows off birthday gift from Kevin Cheng

On Grace Chan’s 25th birthday yesterday, she was photographed visiting Kevin Cheng’s apartment. After she finished her filming yesterday, she rushed to a salon to style her hair before meeting her boyfriend. Instead of taking a taxi, she took a mini bus to Kevin’s place. At the blessing ceremony of he...

‘Blue Veins’ ending criticized by netizens

Starring Kevin Cheng, Kay Tse and Grace Chan, TVB drama Blue Veins <殭> ended on Sunday night. Despite its stellar cast, the ratings for Blue Veins ending episode was disappointing, achieving average ratings of 25.8 points and only peaked at 27 points. Blue Veins producer Joe Chan admitted that he was disappointed...

Grace Chan intends to get married in Canada

Grace Chan and Kevin Cheng have been dating for a year plus, and their relationship is stable. Attending an event recently, Grace revealed that she had thought of her marriage. As she grew up in Canada, she intends to get married in Canada and raises her kids there in future. When asked if Kevin was […]

Grace Chan has discussed wedding plans with Kevin Cheng

Recently, Grace Chan attended her good friend, Penny Chan’s wedding, and she was asked about her wedding plans. Grace openly shared that she had discussed marriage plans with her boyfriend, Kevin Cheng. She said, “We have talked about it, and we have mutual consensus, but there is no need to explain to ever...

Grace Chan has got approval from Kevin Cheng’s mum

Yesterday, Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan attended a Chinese New Year event together as a couple, and had many sweet interactions on stage. Besides feeding Kevin a candy, Grace also put on a scarf around Kevin. The couple also glazed at each other from time to time during photo-taking sessions. When the host wanted the cou...