Karena Ng picks up the bill after a meal with Raymond Lam

After Raymond Lam completed his concert, he has been trying to spend more time with his girlfriend, Karena Ng. Earlier, he went holidaying with Karena to Australia. A few days ago, Raymond and Karena were seen shopping for groceries at the supermarket. Shortly after, they went to a noodle house for a quick bite. During...

Raymond Lam has to change all his boxers after drastic weight loss

Raymond Lam has been busy preparing for his HEART ATTACK LF Live in Hong Kong at the Hong Kong Coliseum at end of this month. For the past few months, he has been busy working out and losing weight, so as to present his best to his fans. Every time he appeared in public, he would be spotted skinnier. […]

Raymond Lam loses weight drastically

Raymond Lam will be holding his concert, HEART ATTACK LF Live in Hong Kong at the Hong Kong Coliseum this month. Yesterday, Raymond held a press conference to promote his concert and he has visibly lost weight drastically! Raymond, who currently weighs 144 pounds, has a very thin face now, and a sharp pointed chin. He ...

Raymond Lam has no part in “Heart of Greed 3″?

Raymond Lam has launched his new EP album, Trap. This is Raymond’s first EP album, and he has spent more than 6 months preparing for the album. Raymond was actively involved in the production of the album, from listening to demos, mixing, mastering and recording the songs. He hopes that his fans will find this al...

Raymond Lam does not think he is blacklisted by TVB

Raymond Lam has been busy working out for his upcoming concert in Hong Kong Coliseum next month. Looking visibly thinner at a recent event, Raymond said that he had not achieved his ideal weight yet. He currently weighs 150 pounds and hopes to slim down even further. Asked if he was competing with his girlfriend, [&hel...

Raymond Lam is blacklisted by TVB?

According to Hong Kong media, former TVB actor has been blacklisted by his maiden TV station after his departure. Raymond Lam will be holding his concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum next month, and he has been busy promoting his new songs. However, TVB did not broadcast his new songs, and did not provide any coverage [&h...

Raymond Lam wants a pair of boy-girl twins

Recently, Raymond Lam was presented gifts by a pair of boy-girl twins at an event. When he saw the twins, his eyes immediately lit up and he was happy receiving kisses from the cute twins. Raymond expressed that he liked kids very much, and hopes that in future, he would be able to have a pair […]

Sean Lau as Ting Hai in ‘The Greed of Man’ movie?

TVB’s 1992 drama, The Greed of Man <大時代> received warm reception when it was re-broadcast a few months ago. The drama has also broken the ratings record in the midnight slot. According to Hong Kong media, TVB has plans to film a movie version and it will still center on the theme of the Hong Kong stock mark...

Raymond Lam injures his leg during filming

Raymond Lam was in Hengdian, China filming for a mainland period drama, Six doors <六扇門> for the past few months. During the filming, he accidentally injured his leg and resulted in a crack in his left ankle bone. Before filming an action scene, Raymond had constantly reminded himself to be careful. However, a few...

Louis Koo to film ‘A Step into the Past’ movie next year

TVB’s 2001 television series, A Step into the Past <寻秦记> was a popular hit back then. The series is based on Huang Yi’s novel of the same Chinese title. It tells the story of a modern Hong Kong VIP protection unit officer, Hong Siu-lung who agrees to undertake a secret time-travelling experiment. Hong...

Raymond Lam wants girlfriend, Karena Ng in ‘Line Walker’ movie

There are lots of buzz about the Line Walker <使徒行者> film ever since TVB announced to film a movie version. The highest rated TVB series last year has received rave reviews by audience when it was aired last year. The souls of the series, Raymond Lam and Charmaine Sheh are being considered as the first […]...

Charmaine Sheh’s ideal TV King is “Burst Seed”

Yesterday, TVB announced the nominations for the 2014 TVB Anniversary Awards, and many artistes including Charmaine Sheh, Roger Kwok and Kristal Tin attended the press conference. The hot favourites for the Best Leading Actor are widely believed to be Roger Kwok and Wayne Lai. Roger has won the TV King title at the rec...