Selina Jen on ex-husband: I still believe him very much

Selina Jen announced her separation with lawyer husband, Richard Chang on March 4 on her Facebook. Last week, she also broke down in tears during a 9-minute press conference on her divorce. Yesterday, Selina attended an event and looked more cheery and composed when speaking on her divorce. During the interview with pr...

Hebe Tien and Ella Chen encourages Selina Jen

Selina Jen made her first public appearance yesterday after she announced divorce with lawyer, Richard Chang on March 4.  At the press conference. Selina broke down in tears and admitted that she was still feeling emotional although she was psychologically prepared. Selina also revealed that her bandmates, Hebe Tien an...

Former love rivals, Show Luo and Mickey Huang reconcile

Show Luo and Mickey Huang were once rumoured to be love rivals. Yesterday, Show appeared at Mickey’s variety programme Global Chinese Music <全球中文音樂榜上榜>, and both finally broke the ice to patch their friendship. In 2006, Show was rumoured to be dating Selina Jen. The couple reportedly broke up after Show ang...

Hebe Tien on her sexual orientation: Does it matter?

Hebe Tien celebrated her 32nd birthday with her S.H.E. bandmates, Selina Jen and Ella Chen two days ago. The group had booked a Japanese restaurant for the birthday party. Selina arrived first at the venue with her husband, Richard Chang. After 30 minutes, Hebe was spotted entering the restaurant and Ella and her husba...

Rainie Yang breaks down in tears upon hearing Wilber Pan’s accident

Wilber Pan suffered a serious head injury during a concert rehearsal in the midnight today. Rehearsing for a mid-air stunt, Wilber lost his balance and injured his head. Wilber’s good friends are extremely worried for him upon hearing his accident. Rainie Yang was so worried that she broke down in tears upon hear...

Wilber Pan reveals that he used to have a crush on Selina Jen

Wilber Pan will be holding his concert at The Taipei Arena on 25 October 2014. During his rehearsal yesterday, his good friend Selina Jen visited him to show her support to him. The duo said that they had known each other for more than 10 years. Wilber even revealed that he used to have a crush […]

Selina overcomes fear for explosive sounds

S.H.E kicked off their world tour concerts at Taipei Arena on Saturday and Sunday. This is the first time in three years that the girls held a concert after Selina sustained injuries from an explosive accident on the filming set. Selina clearly could not contain her emotions during her performance. She thanked her fans...

Selina on fire video: “I have survived all tribulations”

On 23 May 2013, Hunan TV released the fire accident video which occurred during the filming of Love in Spring <愛在春天> (formerly known as I Have a Date with Spring 我和春天有個約會), as a publicity tactic for the drama. In that video, Selina’s terrified scream was heard when the explosive accident took place in 2010 ...

Fans rally JJ and Hebe to be together

Since starting out his singing career, JJ Lin has declared openly that he has a crush on Hebe Tien. At a media conference, the Singaporean singer expressed that he dared not pursue Hebe and pleaded Ella Chen for help. On 30 March 2013 midnight, JJ sent his birthday greetings to Hebe who turned 30. His […]

Selina Jen in tears over ‘uglier look’

The filming accident which took place three years ago in Shanghai will never be erased from Selina Jen’s memory. Recently, Selina wrote in a magazine column about her thoughts and feelings during her recovery journey. She revealed that her confidence had plunged after her appearance was affected by the injury. Wh...

Oops! Sanitary napkin found in Selina’s passport

After returning from S.H.E’s new year show recording in China, Selina Jen was embarrassed thoroughly when her “private belonging” was discovered by the immigration officer. At the airport immigration clearance, Selina produced her passport to the immigration officer. Little did she expect that the imm...
Ella and Selena not ready for kids yet

Ella and Selina not ready for kids yet

Last week, S.H.E held their first autograph session for new album The flowers bloom again at Taipei. The meet-the-fans session had overwhelming response and nearly a thousand fans came to support their idols. Although it has been 2 years since S.H.E launched their album, their popularity has not diminished. Their new a...

Selina Jen in tears speaking on flaming phoenix

S.H.E reunites again after splitting to launch their solo careers more than two years ago. The Taiwanese girl group celebrated their 11th year anniversary last month. S.H.E will launch their music album, The flowers bloom again  on 31 October 2012 to coincide with Selina Jen’s 31st birthday. Two years ago, Selina...