Tavia Yeung brings bad luck to Kevin Cheng?


Kevin Cheng, Tavia Yeung and Ruco Chan attended the blessing ceremony of TVB’s new drama, Heaven’s Sight <天眼>. Kevin, who had a band-aid on his right eyebrow, disclosed that he had an injury during the filming.

“Two days ago, I accidentally knocked onto the door frame. I only knew I was bleeding after a working crew told me. I was sent to a hospital after that. Luckily, the wound was not deep enough and did not require any stitch,” said Kevin.

When asked if he was worried of being disfigured, Kevin said, “I was disfigured many times. I received five stitches when I was injured during a soccer game. While filming Ip Man <葉問>, I received ten stitches around my eye area.”

Tavia said that when she first saw Kevin’s injury, she thought it was part of his character’s image.

“I thought it was done by make-up. I only realised it was a real injury when he came in crying,” laughed Tavia.

Tavia also joked that she brought bad luck to her co-stars. While filming Storm in a Cocoon <守業者> with Steven Ma, he also injured his nose on the film set.

Asked if she had put a curse on her co-stars, Tavia laughed and said, “It’s not my business! This will make all my co-stars run away.”

Ruco, who acts as Kevin’s brother in Heaven’s Sight, is lucky that he is able to escape from Tavia’s curse.

He said jokingly, “Maybe Kevin has shielded me from the curse. I will try to avoid any action scenes with Tavia.”

Source: Ming Pao, Oriental Daily 

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