Tavia Yeung ‘protects’ Him Law from getting punished


Love is in the air for Tavia Yeung and Him Law at the promotional event of The Hippocratic Crush 2 <On Call 36小時II>.

The couple appeared to be at ease at one another and was even gracious about posing photos together for the press. When Him and Kenneth Ma were tasked to perform push-ups on stage, the men tried to cheat and was punished for doing the push-ups with one hand.

Tavia, who was asked to be the judge, immediately jumped in to defend her boyfriend. “Ask me to be the judge? No need to do anymore! Let’s proceed to the next round.”

When Tavia was taking photo with her fans, Him said that he did not dare to get near them. He said, “I am afraid that the fans will mind. (Are you embarrassed?) I am quite big size. I do not want to block the fans.”

Tavia, who was wearing a sweater was perspiring continously. She said, “I didn’t expect that the air-conditioning was not strong. I feel so hot wearing the sweater top.”

Asked why he did not help Tavia to cool down, Him said, “She is a very independent and smart woman. (She just protected you from doing push-ups?) She just wanted to finish the game faster. She did not specially take care of me.”

Tavia joked and said, “If the air-conditioning is stronger, I will ask him to do more [push-ups]! ”


Source: Oriental Daily 

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