The love lives of F4 members

Taiwanese boy band consisting of Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu, Ken Chu, and Vic Chou has been formed for 18 years. Besides striking out individually on their solo careers, their love lives are also different.

Vanness recently resumed his single status after ending his marriage with Singaporean heiress Arissa Cheo. Throughout his five years’ marriage, there were signs that his marriage with Arissa was on the rocks.

The couple had once brought their spat on the Instagram, and unfollowed each other subsequently. The couple gave the public the impression that they were both quick tempered, and had an unstable relationship.

The remaining bachelor, Jerry’s love life is a mystery. Besides rumoured with ex-girlfriend Lin Chi-ling, he has not acknowledged any other love interest. Jerry gives the public a mysterious image, and does not like to expose his love life.

Ken married Chinese actress Han Wen Wen in 2016, and has resided in Beijing. Last year, it was rumoured that his wife was pregnant, but he did not confirm the news.

It appears that Vic, who is still actively involved in filming projects, has the most blissful marriage. Vic married Reen Yu in November 2015, and welcomed their first baby the following year.

Reen also retired from the entertainment industry, to take care of their baby full-time. Since married, the couple does not have any rumours and remains low-profile on their marriage life. Vic also does not wish to expose his family in the public limelight, so as to protect them from any unnecessary rumours.

Source: Apple Daily TW

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