TVB actress caught in indecent act for 30 mins in public restroom!


TVB actress Coffee Lam was caught in the act with Will Lam, the heir of High Fashion International Limited in a public restroom!

Possessive a 34D figure, Coffee is best known for portraying Kenneth Ma’s voluptuous girlfriend in Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄2>. According to East Week magazine, Coffee was initially eating a cake and chatting with Will, before moving on to a pub for some drinks. Likely to be under the influence of alcohol, Coffee and Will started kissing openly in the shopping mall. The couple then flirted in a park nearby, and Coffee appeared to be pressing her chest down deliberately on her date’s face.

After Coffee said that she wanted to use the restroom, she was dragged by Will to a handicap restroom at an underground carpark. The paparazzi also planted themselves outside and recorded their conversations and ‘battle process’.

Coffee was first heard saying to Will, “I like you a lot, but I feel that you are only toying with me.” The guy responded by saying he warmed up slowly.

Coffee then said, “If you warm up slowly, why are you so quick to kiss me? Do you always kiss girls that you meet for a few times?”

After that, heavy breathing and moaning sounds were heard! Hard knocking sound from the restroom was also heard. Coffee was heard asking, “I am so scare that someone will knock the door.” She also requested to move to the guy’s place.


After 30 minutes of ‘battle’, the couple walked out and was shocked seeing the reporters stationed outside the restroom. Coffee immediately walked off and stressed that she did not do anything inside the restroom. She initially said that she had no relationship with Will, but later changed her statement, saying that he was her boyfriend. On other hand, Will escaped in a taxi and even covered his face down at the passenger’s seat to avoid being photographed.

TVB executive, Virginia Lok harshly reprimanded Coffee’s indecent conduct in public. She said, “An artiste’s conduct is very important. A woman should not even behave this way in public, let alone an artiste. The whole incident is very clear. Coffee also knows what she is doing. We will not tolerate people who are lacking moral standards.”

After her scandalous news surface, Coffee expressed remorse and regret on her Weibo. She admitted that she was lax that night and did not watch her conduct in public. She is aware of the consequences of her loose conduct and hopes that the media can give her the space to lead a new life.

“Who doesn’t make mistakes? I will change,” said Coffee.

Source: Ettoday, Ming Pao 

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