TVB actress in sex scandal to face dismissal


TVB actress, Coffee Lam made the headlines after she was caught in the act with her boyfriend in a public restroom. As her improper conduct has affected the image of TVB, she is likely to be fired over her sex scandal.

TVB senior executive, Virginia Lok expressed that they would be meeting Coffee to hear her side of story.

When asked if Coffee would be dismissed, Virginia Lok said, “The company has discussed internally and has reached a consensus with the legal department. As I said before, an artiste’s conduct and moral standard are very important. The situation this time is very serious. We did have this intention [to dismiss her], but we will hear her explanation tomorrow.”

Virginia Lok also revealed that Coffee had not apologised to the company after her scandal surfaced.

She said angrily, “She did not call the company. A colleague only knew that she was not in Hong Kong after seeing a news report. Any full-time artiste is supposed to report to the company whenever they are overseas. She has disregarded the spirit of contract over and over again. She cannot ruin her own image and the company’s image.”

Virginia Lok said that if Coffee’s contract was terminated, the company will not rehire her again. The company may consider to pay her an end-of-contract gratuity, if she faces any financial difficulty.


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