TVB host, Eric Li caught having affair with married woman; Wife also knows about the third party

TVB host, Eric Li has made headlines recently for his extramarital affair.

The Scoop <東張西望> host married his air stewardess wife, Crystal Wong in 2011, and celebrated their 5th anniversary last month.

Hong Kong media reported that while his wife was away on her work trip, he brought his girlfriend back to home!

In July, Eric was already spotted with his girlfriend, kissing and behaving intimately on the street. Last month, while his wife was travelling, he and his girlfriend were seen taking a train ride together, heading to Eric’s home.

During the train journey, the woman leaned her head on Eric’s shoulders even though there were many people in the train. Eric was also said to have lowered his head for fear that he would be recognised.

The third party was later identified as Tiffany, who is also an air stewardess, and is married with two kids.


Eric has since responded on his affair and admitted, “Since beginning of this year, we have not been getting along well. My wife knew about this. She is definitely a virtuous wife. It’s all my fault. We need some time to salvage and to deal with this.”

When asked if divorce was in the cards, Eric said that the decision rest with his wife.

When being told that his mistress also had a family, Eric paused for a moment before saying, “We are friends for more than 10 years. I know about her situation, but I won’t comment. I don’t want to affect their family.”

As the Scoop is scheduled at a family time slot, TVB reportedly has plans to stop his hosting work, and he could risk losing his job too.




Source:, Next Plus

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