TVB to telecast Moses and Aimee’s wedding?


After Aimee Chan’s sudden decline from drama, Cold Mountain, Hidden Dragon <寒山潛龍>, rumours are rife that she is pregnant. Although her boyfriend, Moses Chan did not admit on her pregnancy directly, he has not refuted the rumours as well and even said, “I have received all your blessings!”

Tabloids reported that after Aimee had found out that she was pregnant, she cited family reason to decline filming the drama. Moses has also skipped the finale dinner of the Beauty at War <金枝慾孽貳> to accompany his girlfriend back to her parents’ place at Toronto.

As it is a Chinese taboo to announce pregnancy within the first three months, Moses has not declared publicly on Aimee’s pregnancy. However, a chirpy and joyous Moses appeared in front of the media after he returned to Hong Kong last week.

Moses’ mother who is based in Australia is also back to Hong Kong to prepare for her son’s wedding. An insider said that Moses’ mother had accidentally let out the news to a relative during a tea session.

A source said, “That day, Moses’ mother was so happy. She suddenly said that having a grandson would be good as her two sons are so filial.”

After knowing that she had said the wrong words, she quickly changed her statement and said that she was only thinking about it.

Aimee’s parents have earlier bought for her an apartment in Brookers Lane, Toronto for her wedding dowry two years down the road. Now that Aimee is back to Toronto for her pregnancy, the couple reportedly will register for marriage first. Aimee will also return to Hong Kong after she delivers in January next year. The couple also intends to have a low key wedding and only invites relatives and friends in Australia and Hong Kong.

Although the couple is planning to keep their wedding low profile, TVB reportedly has the intention to throw a grand wedding for them. TVB Executive, Ms Virginia Lok reportedly has been persuading Moses to telecast their wedding live and even suggested to them to hold their wedding banquet at the Shaw Brothers filming studio.

However, Moses remained mum about their wedding and responded to Ms Lok, “I will inform you if there is any good news.”

Ms Lok has also tried to contact Aimee but the latter did not answer her call. When asked about Aimee’s pregnancy lately, Ms Lok replied, “I don’t know. She said that she needed to return home urgently. She did not even pick up the manager’s call!”

Sources revealed that Moses’ contract with TVB will be ending soon and it is likely that he would be focusing his time on his cafe business instead. Aimee might also retire from showbiz after getting married.

Source: ihktv 

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