Unable to tolerate anymore, Heidi Chan files divorce from Alvin Chau


Macau gambling tycoon, Alvin Chau publicly held his girlfriend, Mandy Lieu’s hands last week, and allowed over 50 reporters captured their hand-holding photo. Unable to tolerate her husband’s behaviour, Alvin’s wife Heidi Chan has decided to end their marriage, and filed for a divorce.

Both Mandy and Heidi gave birth to Alvin’s babies in May this year. Although Mandy has moved to London, she and Alvin still see each other. Recently. Mandy returned to Hong Kong, and Alvin was seen accompanying her at a hotpot restaurant. Last week, Alvin even held hands with Mandy publicly in front of the reporters.

After the photo was published, Heidi decided to file divorce from Alvin. When asked if she was filing for separation, Heidi confirmed with the press and said, “Yes, I am. As I have handed to my lawyer to handle, it’s not convenient to disclose further details. Thank you for your concern.”

A source said that Heidi had initiated a divorce last month, but Alvin refused to sign the papers. When the hand-holding photo of Alvin and Mandy was published, Heidi felt that her husband had disregarded the family’s feelings and she was determined to end their marriage.

Another report also disclosed that Alvin would spend the Christmas and new year’s eve with Mandy after he returned from holiday with his children. Alvin also felt that since Mandy had a daughter with him, he felt a need to do something for her. Hence, he chose to acknowledge her by holding hands in public.


Although many elders in the family have been trying to dissuade Heidi from divorcing Alvin, she was unable to put up with her husband’s actions anymore as this was “beyond her bottomline.”

According to media report, Heidi could have a cut of his HK $1.4 billion assets. Although she might not get half of his assets, it is likely that she would be able to have a share of HK $400 to $500 million.

Heidi would also fight for custody of her two children. Heidi reportedly would move out of Alvin’s mansion in Macau soon. She also would not be following her children to their family vacation with Alvin.

Meanwhile, rumours also circulated that Mandy is currently pregnant with her second child.

Source: HK Channel, Apple Daily

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3 thoughts on “Unable to tolerate anymore, Heidi Chan files divorce from Alvin Chau

  1. This guy allows his bottom head to think instead of his top head.. shame on him.. his wife is doing the right thing.. she will find a good man who will respect her ….

  2. You speak as if the husband is not in wrong. It takes 2 hands to clap. He cant control his dick, and he has money. Even if its not Mandy, there are still others in q, which most probably his dick had tried on.

  3. It is beyond me how mistresses like Mandy Lieu could be so selfish, deceitful and despicable. It does not matter what Alvin Chau said or promised to her. What is most important is Mandy Lieu should have removed herself from the equation in the first place. She seemed to put it all out there that she loves Alvin Chau.

    Love is precious. Love is kind. Love is beautiful. Love is pure. Home wreckers like Mandy Lieu need to know that if they love someone truly, they will wait. They can stay aside till the protagonists sort their problems out (eg. separate or divorce). There is so much more dignity in love and relationship that is genuine. Why wreck a home? Why be known as the “Homewrecker of the Year”? Why “steal” someone and things that is not yours? Why knowingly hurt another woman? It is a real pity because Mandy Lieu has a daughter. Her daughter will grow up knowing her deeds. I wonder how Mandy Lieu will feel if her daughter should be in Heidi Chan’s shoes?

    Good to see that Heidi Chan has filed for divorce. She can now walk away from the disrespect, hurt and unhealthy love triangle. I wish Heidi Chan well and hope she will find someone deserving of her love and commitment.

    For Mandy Lieu, I wish that she will apologise to Heidi Chan for the wrongs she did. And then with proper closure, she can move on to making her relationship with Alvin Chau worked.

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