Vic Chou and Reen Yu welcome their first baby!


Vic Chou and Reen Yu have welcomed their first baby!

According to Taiwanese media, Reen gave birth to their first baby on August 2.

Vic’s manager has confirmed the baby news and said, “Yes, the baby has arrived. It’s a princess! Families from both sides are extremely happy. The first time dad is now taking care of the baby wholeheartedly, and will be accompanying his wife.”

Vic’s manager declined to respond on the birth date of the baby, and kept mum about the baby’s weight, and if Reen gave birth naturally or via Cesarean section.

Vic and Reen registered for marriage last November, and based on the baby’s birth, Reen was very likely to be pregnant at that time.

Many fans have congratulated the couple after knowing the baby news, and fans have also requested Vic to post his cute baby photo.

Source: Apple Daily, Ettoday

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