Vivian Hsu and Chris Wang’s romance exposed


38-year-old Vivian Hsu and 31-year-old Chris Wang reportedly are dating!

On Vivian’s birthday, the hot actress was spotted taking Chris with her to a family dinner. The pair was photographed walking together to a restaurant to meet Vivian’s family.

After the dinner, Vivian left with her family. When asked if she was announcing her relationship with Chris since the latter had met her parents, Vivian replied shyly, “No.”

Is Chris exceptionally nice to you?

“I have many friends who are nice to me,” replied Vivian.

Although Vivian was tight-lipped about the romance, Chris admitted candidly that she was his “goddess”!

The Fierce Wife <犀利人妻> actor expressed that he had known Vivian for a while and said that she was “very nice”.

Asked how he felt about dining with his goddess’ family, Chris exclaimed, “It’s great!”

Source: The Liberty Times 

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