Vivien’s family car robbed in Malaysia


“Is there any justice,” cried Vivien Yeo.

Vivien recently filmed a new TVB drama, Outbound Love <單戀雙城> in Malaysia. The Malaysian born actress was initially looking forward to the reunion with her family, but her mood was dampened by a robbery instead.

Her mother, sister and baby nephew were out shopping in Johor Bahru when suddenly a man struck out from nowhere, shouted for her sister to get out of car. Her sister was unfortunately injured during the process.

Vivien blasted angrily on her Weibo, “Luckily the baby was not on the car, if not we would not know what to do. My sister was in the car at that time and that man yelled at her to get out. I am very angry. Is there any justice at all?”

“The robbery took place at Bukit Indah Jusco. A Facebook friend said that the car was seen near Pelangi. My Malaysian friends, please help to spread this and hope that my sister’s car will be found. The car plate number is PKL 8363 and it is a red-coloured BMW coupe. Please help. Thank you.”

Vivien’s post has received much attention on Weibo. Some friends also suggested that the country’s safety was compromised due to the upcoming election in May.

Vivien also urged everyone to raise their alert on the streets, particularly women. “Everyone should be more careful especially women. If possible, do not go out alone. I wish everyone safe everyday.”

Vivien’s family has lodged a police report on the car robbery.

Source: Oriental Daily 

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